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New sub-communites added !!!

Hello! This is your maintainer: yr_sweetnothing. I have decided to use this livejournal: yr_maintainer, to moderate this community with! Same person - new name. :)

To expand our role-playing game, I have added a few new locations to role-play in. Below is the list of characters who qualify to join these new communities. If your character is listed, please submit your request to join the community. Keep in mind, as new characters come in, the list will be updated.

santorini_ : Santorini, Greece. Characters: Kostos Dounas, Effie Kaligaris, Lena Kaligaris

bethesda_ : Home: Bethesda, Maryland. Characters: Bailey Graffman, Effie Kaligaris, Lena Kaligaris, Carmen Lowell, Brian McBrian, Tibby Rollins, Bridget Vreeland

soccercamp_ : Baja California. Characters: Eric Richman, Bridget Vreeland

Remember to join your appropriate communities. More sub-communities will be added when more characters join. When your character desires to, they can post an entry in a community. Other characters will them respond to your post with a comment. You will then role-play by adding comments back-and-forth to eachother.

Remember, you can also E-mail me with questions and/or suggestions @ sisterhood_rpg@yahoo.com
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